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Dr. Christiane Brokmann-Nooren
Head of the Open University Department

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Public Science

To remain viable, lifelong learning institutions need to appeal to as many different target groups as possible, while inspiring enthusiasm for their products. C3L's Public Science department provides information and guidance to all those interested in (continuing) education at the University.

Sparking Interest in Science and Research

The Public Science Department is a think-tank for new initiatives and ideas for realising the University's full academic potential beyond the context of formal studies, with the goal of making science and research topics accessible, understandable, and interesting to a broader audience.

To achieve this goal, we encourage more people to take an interest in science and help them acquire the necessary basic knowledge and competences –  the science literacy – for life in a complex, globalised world.


One of the mains areas where the department is active are the courses for guest students, which the University of Oldenburg has offered since the early 1980s. Another Public Science initiative that is in strong demand is the KinderUniversität.

Advancements in the Bologna Process have increased the importance of open admissions, and the university supports this development through admissions of applicants without Abitur (higher education entrance qualification), and, in this context, with the so-called Z-Prüfung (an exam for subject-linked admission for students without formal qualifications), as well as by offering recognition of prior learning and qualifications outside higher education.

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