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Business Management and Corporate Environmental Policies


NASCENT - New opportunities for a sustainable food system through transformative enterprise models

International competition and globalized procurement channels now challenge the sustainability of the food system due to increased alienation from the processes of food production and the conditions of food distribution. One approach to tackle these problems could be a regionalized food supply directed at food sovereignty and community with a higher level of self-reliance. Research on the potentials of novel citizen-driven and entrepreneurial initiatives is still in an early stage, in particular as to their contribution to the „great transformation“ towards a sustainable society. How could innovative transformation approaches, capabilities, and social innovations diffuse into the conventional food system and open up new pathways? What are the key drivers and barriers? Which forms of transformative enterprises offer the greatest promise? In order to develop a differentiated assessment, the empirical field of the research project is structured into three levels of transformative forms of food enterprises (microbiotopes, local communities, regional ecosystems); it will be investigated by means of a transdisciplinary approach. Moreover, both scholarly and practice-oriented transfer of the findings is ensured by numerous and diverse research partners, practice partners, and transfer partners. With this integrative conception, the project will be able to provide recommendations of high relevance for practice in order to support the potential for transformation economically and politically.

Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project duration: April 2015 - December 2018

Project management:

  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pfriem (University of Oldenburg)
  • apl. Prof. Dr. Niko Paech (University of Oldenburg)
  • Dr. Christa Müller (Anstiftung Ertomis, Munich)
  • Prof. Dr. Cordula Kropp (Munich University of Applied Sciences)
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