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Total Energy Management for Professional Data Center

Short Describtion: Holistic energy management in professional data centers. The research project deals with the overriding goal of the holistic increase of the energy and raw material efficiency of data centers in Germany with consideration of upstream and downstream value creation stages.

Runtime: 01.11.2016 – 30.10.2019

Promotion: Faculty II of Oldenburg University receives half a million euros in funding from the BMWI's 6th Energy Research Programme. The project executing agency is PTJ. The total volume of the project (incl. industrial partners) is 2.4 million euros.

Project Partner: TU Hamburg, Borderstep, BTC, KDO, brm, dcce, Mairec, as well as the associated partners Cewe, HP enterprise and e3 computing.

Contact: Dr.-Ingacbl. Almsexanmfudra jvlPehlken (ale/qxanvucdra.penfsyjhlken@uol.p+yde)


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