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Food Chemistry

Food chemistry professions

Food production and its quality monitoring and safety represent a significant aspect of services of general interest. Thus, food chemical professions have a great social relevance; however, they are virtually invisible in everyday life, as one rarely comes into contact with them. Within the framework of a doctoral thesis, teaching materials were developed for the following professions:

  • Chemical laboratory technician
  • Distiller
  • Dairy laboratory technician
  • Chemical-technical assistant (m/f)
  • Food chemical assistant

Five training occupations were deliberately chosen in order to show chemistry-related career prospects that do not require an Abitur (German A-levels). At ChemOL², school classes have the opportunity to get to know these professions experimentally. Work is done in small groups with practical instructions and food is examined for anthropogenic influences, among other things, on the basis of selected experiments. In addition to professional work and the activity profile of the respective profession, the young people are shown that food chemistry professions use knowledge that is taught in chemistry classes.

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