Accompanying Material

Accompanying materials

Supplement to the NiU article

Complete bibliography for the article:

Competence development in chemistry teaching - Which models can be used to differentiate competences and tasks?In: Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht - Chemistry, 20th ed., vol. 3+4 (issue 111/112), p. 78-85

Download: Complete bibliography (pdf-file, 0,1MB)

Materials for the lecture "Chemical Demonstration Experiments and their Use in Chemistry Class es

Accompanying material to the lecture (MNU-Conference Berlin 2008) Wiss. Mitarbeiter Marco Beeken, Didakitk der Chemie, Universität Oldenburg

Download the material: Demonstration Experiments.pdf

download: Experiments_of_the_Show_Lecture.pdf

Download: Experiments_of_the_show_lecture.pdf A_day_in_the_life_of_a_chemist.pdf

Materials for the teaching unit "Chlorine Chemistry - Curse or Blessing?

Accompanying material to the lecture (MNU conference Bremerhaven 2007): Studienassessorin Dr. Verena Reineke, Gymnasium Westerstede "Chlorchemie: Fluch oder Segen?" - A teaching unit focusing on communication and evaluation for grade 9.

Practising the competences of communication and evaluation by means of a teaching series on selected aspects of chlorine chemistry - a teaching experiment in a grade 9 class of the Gymnasium

Developed during training at the Studienseminar für Gymnasium in Wilhelmshaven.

Download: Teaching unit on chlorine chemistry (ZIP archive, 5.7 MB)

Supplementary material for storytelling

Accompanying material to the article:

Storytelling - a method for contextualisation using the example of "Electricity through Chemistry", MNU, issue 7, 60th year, 2007.

Download: Stories on "Electricity through Chemistry" (ZIP archive, 0.2 MB)

Download: Stories on other topics Stories on other topics (ZIP folder, 0.1 MB)

Supplementary material for the learning sheet

Accompanying material to the article:

Understanding Combustion - From Phenomenon to Basic Concept of Chemical Reaction, Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Chemie, Heft 100/101, 18. Jahrgang, Friedrich Verlag, 2007.

Download: Supplementary material for the learning sheet


The following information on the simulation programme ChemDLA simulation programme supplements the explanations in the publication by Dirk Höltkemeier and Marco Oetken:

ChemDLA a programme for the simulation of dendritic crystal growth in chemistry teaching (published in: CHEMCON 14/3 (2007) P.131)

Download programme: ChemDLA

Download Chemkon article: ChemDLA

Download instruction manual: ChemDLA

Download board game: ChemDLA

Developing and using models

PC programme for the article, published in: Teaching Chemistry 18/101 (2007)

Simulation of simple mixing processes at the particle level for beginning chemistry lessons (created as part of an examination paper in 2005)

MNU Federal Congress 2007 Download

Lecture and experimental instructions

Claudia Berger, Walter Jansen, Hilke Fickenfrerichs and Renate Peper, The discovery of the alkali metals and the composition of caustic soda by Humphry Davy published in: Naturwissenschaft im Unterricht - Physik/Chemie, 35, 1987

Detailed basic article with (correct) descriptions of experiments for: Walter Jansen, Karen Achtermann, Ilka Parchmann, Zwei Wege ein Ziel!- Discovering alkali metals, published in: Naturwissenschaft im Unterricht - Chemie, issue 02/2007, 18th year, p.22ff.

Worksheet for the introduction of structures of metals and salts in secondary school

These worksheets present a learning circle with experiments and worksheets for independent learning of the topic. The booklet contains tasks for comparative investigations of properties using simple experiments and exercises for building models.

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