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You can participate!

An interview study on the topic "Handling with language in chemistry lessons"

Become active and take part in our interview study on the topic of "Handling with language in chemistry teaching".

If you are an active chemistry teacher and are interested in the topic of "Language in the Chemistry Classroom" or if you simply want to contribute to the improvement of future chemistry teacher training, then you are welcome to register for the interview study by Mr. David Meyer.

Information on the implementation:

The aim of the study is to get into close contact with active chemistry teachers. The interviews should provide information on how chemistry teachers currently deal with the topic of language in their teacher education, what experiences exist and what changes and wishes they have for future teacher education.

Due to the current situation, the interviews will take place online via Big Blue Button. In a personal interview with you, we try to obtain data about your experiences, ideas about changes and wishes.

The interviews take about one hour with preparation and follow-up. All audio recordings of the interviews are recorded. Your data will of course be used anonymously so that no conclusions can be drawn about your person.

In addition to the interview, there is also a short, two-page questionnaire that we can fill out online together with you.

Conditions of participation:

You can participate in the interview study if you are currently an active chemistry teacher at a school in Germany. The type of school and the grades in which you teach chemistry are not relevant. Career changers are also welcome to participate in the study.

Help us to gain new insights into the topic of "Language in Chemistry Teaching" and participate actively in the interview study.

You are also welcome to draw colleagues' attention to the study and invite them to participate.

Contact Mr. David Meyer by email ( if you are interested.


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