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Within the framework of Mr David Meyer's doctorate, a university seminar called "Language-sensitive chemistry teaching" is being developed. This is part of the advanced module of Chemistry Education for Grammar School and Special Education (che752) and can be attended by student teachers in the Master's programme.

In the seminar, theoretical as well as practical content are taught, which enable the students to gain first insights into questions of language-sensitive chemistry teaching. Among other things, the following aspects and questions are addressed in the seminar:

  • What is language-sensitive chemistry teaching and what goals does it pursue?
  • What language(s) are involved in chemistry teaching?
  • What difficulties and potentials does the language of chemistry hold for the learners?
  • How can language-sensitive chemistry lessons be didactically and methodologically designed?

Through the co-lecturer Dr. Verena Reineke, an active chemistry teacher, the students also gain realistic insights into current practical teaching situations. Acquired knowledge and competences of language-sensitive teaching can thus be directly analysed and evaluated for their practical suitability.

The seminar is offered every semester. It takes place weekly.

If you are a lecturer at a university and are interested in finding out what content is taught in the seminar, please contact Mr David Meyer.

Master's students of grammar school teaching and special education are cordially invited to participate in the seminar.

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