Structural Analysis of Teacher Training

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Structural Analysis of Teacher Training

The first rounds of PISA, as well as TIMSS, showed that German students' performance in the science domain did not meet expectations. Despite the extensive educational reforms, Germany was unable to catch up with the results of the leading countries in the respective surveys in either PISA 2018 or TIMSS 2019. Moreover, the weakly positive development that emerged between the 2004 and 2015 surveys is stagnating. Since the educational systems of the countries in the top positions are organised differently, the question arises as to whether the design of the study programme, a possibly existing preparatory service as well as teacher training for science are related to the educational success of Singapore, Japan, Finland and Canada.

First of all, a systematic review of German teacher education is planned in order to examine teacher education in various countries with top positions on the basis of the results. Here, the subject-specific, subject-didactic as well as practical qualifications of (prospective) science teachers, both primary and secondary, will be considered.

Finally, on the basis of the results, German teacher training will be critically examined and possible adaptations identified.

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