M.Sc. Sandra Künzler

Department of Chemistry
University of Oldenburg
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Strasße 9 - 11
D-26129 Oldenburg

e-mail: sandra.kuenzler(at)

tel.: +49(441)798-3682
fax: +49(441)798 3352

room: W3 3-315


Since March 2016
Ph.D. Cand. "Intramolecular Stabilized Silyl Cations as Catalysts in Bond Activation Reactions"

September – Novenber 2017
Research stay at the University of Bordeaux, France in the research group of Prof. Y. Landais
"Synthesis of Enantiomerically Enriched Chiral Silanes"

January 2016
M.Sc. Chemistry "Synthesis Studies on Oxygen Stabilized Silyl Cations"

July 2014 - January 2015
Research stay at the University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil in the research group of Dr. L. Franciscato Campo
"Synthesis and Characterization of Molecular Probes for Membranes of Phospholipids from Fluorescent Dyes"

September 2013
B.Sc. Chemistry "Synthesis of Siloles by Cyclization of Dialkynylsilanes"


Conference Contributions:

4. Poster: Chalcogenyl Stabilized Silyl Cations as Catalysts in Hydrosilylation Reactions of Nitriles
Sandra Künzler, Thomas Müller
15th International Symposium on Inorganic Ring Systems, Kyoto, Japan, June 2018

3. Poster: Synthesis and Properties of Thionyl Stabilized Hydridosilyl Cations
Sandra Künzler, Thomas Müller
10th Anglo-German Inorganic Chemistry Meeting, Göttingen, Germany, August 2017

2. Poster: Silyl Oxonium and Silyl Sulfonium Ions as Surrogates for Transition Metal Catalysts
Sandra Künzler, Marie S. Würdemann, Marcel Wernke, Thomas Müller
22th European Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2017

1. Poster: Aryloxy Stabilized Silyl Cations
Sandra Künzler, Thomas Müller
8th European Silicon Days, Poznań, Poland, August 2016



1. N. Kordts, S. Künzler, S. Rathjen, T. Sieling, H. Großekappenberg, M. Schmidtmann, T. Müller
Silyl Chalconium Ions: Synthesis, Structure and Application in Hydrodefluorination Reactions
Chem. Eur. J. 2017, 23, 10068-10079.

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