Own Instrumentation

Own Instrumentation

Scanning Force Microscopy (SFM)

Controller: Nanoscope IIIA (Veeco)
Heads: Dimension 3100, Enviroscope, Bioscope (all Veeco)
Additional features: Pulsed force mode (Witec), conductive scanning force microscopy (Veeco)
Specialized application: Working in solution, working under controlled gas atmosphere, large samples

Method details: [more]

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM)

Leica TCS SP2
Special features: 8 laser lines for excitation, acusto optical beam splitter (AOBS) allows adaptations to different dyes without new filter sets, work in reflection mode and fluorescence mode. Emission spectrometer available at output port.

Method details: [more]

Scanning electrochemical microscopes (SECM)

(own developments)
Various hardware available, can be adjusted to different samples. Can be combined with other microscopes.

Method details: [more]

Polarisation Modulation Fourier Transform Infrared Reflection Absortion Spectroscopy (PM IRRAS)

Vertex 70 (Bruker)
Polarisation Modulator (Hinds Instruments)
External reflection setup (custom made)

Method details: [more]

Langmuir-Blodgett trought

KSV, Finnland

Method details: [more]


Matrix-F spectrometer for the near-IR range (Bruker)
Connectable via fiber optics to our glove box

Capillary electrophoresis

Capillary electrophoresis instrument P/ACE MDQ (Beckman-Coulter)

Evaporation chamber

Tectra Mini Coater
Applied by default for the evaporation of gold on glass

Contact angle measurement

Contact angle system OCA 15plus (dataphysics)


MB200 (Braun)

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