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Phone: +49 441 798-2863

Office: A5 2-234

Address: Uhlhornsweg 84, 26111 Oldenburg


Lars Elend, M.Sc.

Selected Publications

  • Balduin, Stephan and Brauer, Dierk and Elend, Lars and Holly, Stefanie and Korte, Jan and Krüger, Carsten and Meier, Almuth and Oest, Frauke and Sanders-Sjuts, Immo and Sauer, Torben and Schnieders, Marco and Zilke, Robert and Hinrichs, Christian and Sonnenschein, Michael: "Dynamic Portfolio Optimization for Distributed Energy Resources in Virtual Power Plants". In: V. Wohlgemuth, F. Fuchs-Kittowski, J. Wittmann: Advances and New Trends in Environmental Informatics, Springer 2017, DOI:
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