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Integrated Climate Protection Concept

In spring 2020, following an initiative by the student representatives in the senate, the decision was taken to establish a Climate Neutral University Working Group to initiate and accompany the university's process towards climate neutrality. The working group then applied for the project within the framework of the Federal Ministry for the Environment's municipal guidelines, with the aim of creating an integrated climate protection concept by May 2023. This concept should include concrete and realistic, but ambitious goals and measures that will lead the university to climate neutrality.

The project will make it possible to create the position of a climate protection manager who will be responsible for developing the concept. This position is located in the Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research (COAST) and can thus have an equal impact on the areas of research, teaching and administration. The project is headed by Prof. Dr. Bernd Siebenhüner (Chair of Ecological Economics).

The Integrated Climate Protection Concept will serve as a strategic decision-making basis and planning aid for future climate protection activities. It is intended to anchor climate protection as a cross-sectional task in the university in the long term. The climate protection concept can be used to show which technical and economic potentials can be implemented to reduce GHG emissions. In doing so, the concept will specifically address the local specificity of the university and its surroundings.

Fields of action

Within the framework of the project, various fields of action are considered and included in the greenhouse gas balancing and the development of measures.


The balancing and development of measures also include:

  • Energy efficiency and refurbishment projects as well as the expansion of renewable energies
  • Mobility (business trips and everyday commuting)
  • Procurement
  • University catering

Qualitatively, measures are also developed for the areas of campus ecology, research, study and teaching.

An essential component of the project is the involvement of all university members and status groups, who are to be given the opportunity to contribute their thoughts, suggestions, concerns and wishes through a wide variety of offers, events and formats.

Project profile


KSI - Development of an integrated climate protection concept for the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg


The aim of the project is to develop an integrated climate protection concept (IKK) for the university. In doing so, the university aims to achieve climate neutrality.


With the involvement of the various stakeholders and university members, an integrated climate protection concept will be drawn up within the framework of this project, which will cover the main areas (e.g. energy, mobility, etc.) with regard to greenhouse gas emissions.

To this end, a greenhouse gas balance sheet of the university will first be drawn up with external support so that the main fields of action can be identified. Then, in various participatory processes, concrete goals for reducing emissions are set and measures are developed based on them.

Interactive stakeholder participation and communication processes will take place throughout the project.


June 2021 - May 2023

Lead Partner


The National Climate Initiative

With the National Climate Initiative, the Federal Environment Ministry has been initiating and funding numerous projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 2008. Its programmes and projects cover a broad spectrum of climate protection activities: From the development of long-term strategies to concrete assistance and investment support measures. This diversity is a guarantee for good ideas. The National Climate Initiative contributes to anchoring climate protection on the ground. It benefits consumers as well as businesses, municipalities and educational institutions.

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