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Stakeholder involvement

The participation and involvement of the various members of the university represents an essential factor in the development of the Integrated Climate Protection Concept - first, to make the best possible use of the expertise within the university to ensure a high degree of quality in the concept. Second, to achieve the highest possible acceptance of the measures within the university, which is essential for the success of the implementation.

Various formats are offered to enable participation in the project in different ways.

For information and transparency

  • Website: The page on Climate protection and sustainability provides comprehensive information on the sustainability and climate protection activities of the University of Oldenburg. On the subpage on Integrated climate protection concept information on the preparation of the concept for achieving climate neutrality is presented. The subpage on Participation of actors the various participation opportunities are listed.
  • Newsletter: New developments in the project as well as further steps in the field of sustainability at the university are regularly reported by e-mail.
  • Green board: In the foyer of the Mensa building on the Haarentor campus, there is a magnetic board on the right-hand side behind the staircase to the "Pasta" area on the wall, on which there is also an analogue report about the project.

For the collection of measures

  • Mail: Ideas for measures can be sent to at any time.
  • Digital participation tool: As part of the course Betriebliche Umweltinformtionssysteme II (BUIS II), a group of students is currently developing a digital participation tool for submitting measures. [More on this soon.]
  • Idea Box: A suggestion box will soon be placed on the green board in the cafeteria foyer to provide an analogue and anonymous opportunity to submit suggestions for measures. In addition, small surveys will be conducted there and sentiment pictures will be collected.
  • Brainstorming: Brainstorming sessions will be held at the Greenhouse Gas Balance event to provide an opportunity to collect initial measures together with other interested parties.
  • Workshops: Concrete measures are developed in intensive workshops lasting several hours, taking into account the proposals already submitted through the other channels.
  • Events: Time and again, public events are being held in the context of the development of the climate protection concept for the sharing of information or generating ideas and solutions. Further events with regard to climate protection and sustainability can be found in the University's general events calendar.

Publication of the GHG balance [save the date]

A university-wide and public event will be held to publish the university's greenhouse gas footprint for the 2019 and 2020 baseline years.

Date: Thursday, 24 February 2022, 9 a.m.

Format: tbd [probably online].

Following the presentation of the carbon accounting and after a question and answer session, various brainstorming sessions will be offered. This will provide an opportunity for all university members and interested parties to collect together possible concrete measures for more climate protection in the various fields of action. These measures will then be incorporated into later workshops on the topic areas.

Measures workshops [save the date]

A total of 7 workshops will take place in June 2022 to develop climate protection measures in the various thematic areas, in which the concrete possibilities for action will be discussed.

The current schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.: university catering
  • Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 9-12 a.m.: Energy & Construction
  • Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 2-5 p.m.: Campus Ecology
  • Thursday, 23 June 2022, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.: Everyday Mobility, Commuting
  • Thursday, 23 June 2022, 2-5 p.m.: International Mobility (business trips, semester abroad)
  • Friday, 24 June 2022, 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Resources (procurement, waste disposal issues)
  • Friday, 24 June 2022, 2-5 p.m.: Study & Teaching

Please note that the concrete allocation of dates and topics may still change - these deviations will be marked here accordingly.

In order to facilitate constructive and result-oriented cooperation in the workshops, the number of participants per workshop is limited to 20. Places will be reserved in advance for the responsible staff members in the respective field of action. This ensures that the people who are responsible for the thematic area and have to implement the measures after the concept has been decided can contribute their expertise.

Specific information on the registration procedure will be communicated in good time and presented here.

(Changed: 2022-01-19)