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The involvement of the various status groups and especially the students has a long tradition at Carl von Ossietzky University. Thus, the participation and co-design of all university members and interested parties in the process of developing the climate protection concept is an essential component.

A core element of this participation is the Climate-neutral university working group.

Film screening: NOW - If you fail us, we will never forgive you!

Mit Olympionikin Carlotta Nwajide im Interview

On 19 May 2022, the film NOW by Jim Rakete was screened in the Audimax of the University of Oldenburg as part of the climate protection project and in cooperation with the Unikino Gegenlicht. All students and employees of the University of Oldenburg as well as interested people from outside were invited.

"NOW by Jim Rakete is the film for the longed-for green turnaround! In his committed cinema debut, the famous cult photographer meets Generation Greta. Six young climate activists have their say, including Luisa Neubauer, Felix Finkbeiner and Nike Mahlhaus. Why did they become activists? What is at stake? The documentary, conceived by scriptwriter Claudia Rinke, encourages imitation. Quite deliberately - so that the youth of today also have a future tomorrow." - W-film

A climate activist spoke directly on site: the guest in the evening interview was Olympian and climate activist Carlotta Nwajide. The student assistant of the climate protection project spoke with her about her path to climate activism, hurdles and criticism of the climate movement, climate justice and, in line with Nwajide's career, awareness of the climate crisis in professional sports.

The students left the auditorium with intense impressions of the climate movement and activism.

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About Carlotta Nwajide

Thematischer Filmabend am Campus Haarentor © Universität Oldenburg

Climate inventory

Where does the university stand on the way towards climate neutrality?

On February 24th, 2022, we were able to celebrate the achievement of the first milestone - the completion of the greenhouse gas balance.

At this event, we clarifed

  • how high the university's emissions were in 2019 and 2020 and what that means,
  • in which areas of action we have the most potential for more climate protection,
  • how the Corona pandemic is reflected in the university's emissions,
  • and, of course, how to proceed with the results and what the next steps are.

After an introductory greeting by the President of the University Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder, we presented the balance sheet. Afterwards, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions.

In the second part of the event, participants had the opportunity to join a brainstorming session to collect your approaches and proposals for action. These will be contributed to the Action workshops in June 2022 and discussed further there. So you can really help to shape the concept!

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The university on its way to climate neutrality

Climate kickstarter succeeded

On 4 November, the Climate Kickstarter took place with great success, at which the climate protection concept was presented to all university members and other interested parties.

Over 200 participants attended the event and enriched the presentation with their lively questions and suggestions.

After a greeting from the University President, Prof. Dr. Bruder, and a short input from Mr. Zenner, Head of the Climate Protection Department of the City of Oldenburg, the plan to create a climate protection concept for the University was presented. Afterwards, AStA spokesperson Jonas Maenicke highlighted the student perspective and involvement in the project.

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Protocol of the Q&A-session

For more information on the progress of the project, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter. This can be done by sending an informal message to or via the form on this page.

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