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Bachelor Programmes

Environmental Sciences B.Sc.

The Bachelor of Environmental Sciences combines the subjects of environment, natural sciences and environmental planning. Students acquire basic knowledge in mathematics and natural and environmental sciences and deal with marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Building on this, they can expand their knowledge in analytics, modelling, ecology, oceanography, microbiology, planning and landscape ecology. The study programme aims to impart specialised knowledge and methodological, practical and social skills in the environmental sciences. In doing so, students learn how to assess environmental science topics and how to deal with problems in a responsible manner. In the Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, a broad social commitment of the students is promoted, among other things due to the interdisciplinary nature of the degree programme.

About the degree programme

Sustainability Economics B.Sc.

The degree programme in sustainability economics deals with future issues in the fields of economy, environment and energy. The Bachelor's programme addresses the areas of globalisation, economic growth, energy supply and unemployment, with a special focus on economic methods. These methods are used to analyse various aspects of the topic of sustainability and to develop options for action for actors in the economy and politics. Specifically, topics such as climate change, species extinction, poverty, growing inequality worldwide and the excessive consumption of natural resources are dealt with. In in-depth/advanced modules and in the professionalisation area, students gain more in-depth knowledge in various aspects of sustainability.

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Professionalisation area in the Bachelor

The professionalisation area offers students the opportunity to acquire individual specialisations and interdisciplinary competences outside their subject area. The professionalisation programme also includes subject areas and modules with explicit sustainability relevance, bringing together students from different disciplines.


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