Sustainability Doctoral Programmes

After graduation

Carl von Ossietzky University wants to prepare its students for the professional world in the best possible way. The successes are impressive: 90 % of its graduates are employed after successful graduation (incl. traineeship and doctorate), more than half (55 %) have succeeded in starting a career in less than one month after graduation, a quarter (26 %) within the first three months.3 The university itself offers doctoral programmes, five of which are in the field of sustainability: STEM4 Learning in Informal Spaces (GINT), Environmental Economics and Sustainability Management, Renewable Energy Systems Integration, Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity, and Renewable Energy.

Graduate School of Science, Medicine and Technology (OLTECH)

Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity

The doctoral programme Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity is aimed at young researchers from the fields of mathematics and environmental sciences. The programme includes courses, workshops and international summer schools for doctoral students, in which interdisciplinary cooperation is promoted. The PhD programme enables young researchers to expand their knowledge in the fields of environmental sciences, ecology and systems research in oceans, coastal areas and terrestrial areas. Included in the programme is a working visit to another national or international research institute. In addition, doctoral students can enhance their personal skills through individual training.

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Renewable Energy

In the interdisciplinary doctoral programme Renewable Energy, scientific and technical issues are considered together with information technology, meteorology and economics. The University of Oldenburg and independent research institutes such as ForWind, NEXT ENERGY and OFFIS are involved. Energy research in Oldenburg focuses on the future of the energy supply system and is made up of interdisciplinary collaborations between various Oldenburg research groups in the ENERiO research network. The scientific profile of the PhD programme Renewable Energy is based on the combination of different scientific disciplines and a strong relationship with industrial and scientific partners.

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Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities (3GO)

Environmental Economics and Sustainability Management (UNA)

The doctoral programme Environmental Economics and Sustainability Management is located in the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities (3GO) and the Faculty II of Computer Science, Economics and Law at the University of Oldenburg. The aim of this doctoral programme is to deepen interdisciplinary expertise in one's own field of environmental economics and sustainability management as well as in related fields as a basis for one's own research. To this end, interdisciplinary and career-enhancing skills are to be learned that qualify students for international collaboration in current scientific research.

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GINT (STEM Learning in Informal Spaces)

The four-year doctoral programme "STEM Learning in Informal Spaces - Investigating Research-Based Learning Processes at Out-of-School STEM Learning Sites and Their Embedding in Regional Learning Contexts" was launched in 2016. The 15 doctoral researchers are concerned with the development of out-of-school learning opportunities. Among other things, they are investigating the implementation of learning opportunities at extracurricular learning sites as well as the integration of extracurricular educational opportunities in school lessons. In addition to the Carl von Ossietzky University, the universities of Hanover, Vechta, Odense (Denmark) and Rethymno (Greece) as well as around 15 extracurricular educational institutions (in particular regional environmental education centres, Wadden Sea houses, energy education centres and coastal research institutes) are involved in the programme. Six of the 15 doctorates have already been successfully defended.

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System Integration of Renewable Energies (SEE)

The doctoral programme System Integration of Renewable Energies focuses on the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid. Energy research is an outstanding research focus at the University of Oldenburg. The programme is about investigating renewable energies with regard to an environmentally compatible, secure and economic energy supply.


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