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Coordination of sustainability reporting

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About the Report

About the Sustainability Report of the University of Oldenburg 2020/21

Carl von Ossietzky University was founded in 1973. This makes it one of Germany's young universities. Its goal is to find answers to the major questions facing society in the 21st century - with top interdisciplinary research and teaching. The paths on the Oldenburg campus are short: academics and administrative staff at the university work hand in hand and across disciplines. Many are involved in collaborative research centres, research groups and European clusters of excellence.

Much has happened at Oldenburg University since the first sustainability report in 2013. And even after the second report from 2017, the university was able to record some successes in its sustainability activities. This progress towards a more sustainable university is worthy of being summarised in a new report.

Experience from past reports has shown that working with students as part of a practical project is extremely effective in advancing sustainability reporting at Oldenburg University. For the first time, the preparation of the report was accompanied by a working group in which representatives from administration, academia and the student body participated. The final report was written by the editorial team consisting of Prof. Dr. Siebenhüner and Lina-Luise Hölter from the university-wide Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research COAST.

Practical Project: Sustainability Reporting at the University of Oldenburg

As with the previous reports, around 20 students from the Master's Cluster Environment and Sustainability were involved in the preparation of this report. Embedded in the practical seminar "Sustainability Reporting at the University of Oldenburg", the students were involved with the sustainability reporting of the University of Oldenburg in the summer semester 2020 in the sense of practice-oriented teaching. In the process, the basic features of sustainability reporting were discussed in the seminar before the students themselves compiled the contents of this report. This practice-oriented procedure gave the seminar participants insights into otherwise closed areas of the university as well as experiences that are helpful in later professional fields.

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