Publications and final theses

  • 2023

    Final Theses 2023
    Evaluation and Improvement of the Smearing for the Turbine Models in PALM based on the Model proposed by Meyer Forsting.
    In: Master Thesis Universität Oldenburg (2023)
  • 2022

    Biehl, Juliane; Missbach, Leonard; Riedel, Franziska; Stemmle, Ruben; Jüchter, Julian; Weber, Jessica; Kucknat, Johanna; Odenweller, Adrian; Nauck, Christian; Lukassen, Laura J.; Zech, Matthias; Grimm, Marie:
    Wicked facets of the German energy transition – examples from the electricity, heating, transport, and industry sectors.
    In: Under review (2022)

    Jüchter, Julian; Peinke, Joachim; Lukassen, Laura J.; Hölling, Michael:

    Reduction and analysis of rotor blade misalignments on a model wind turbine.
    In: Journal of Physics: The Science of Making Torque from Wind (Conference Series) 2265, 022071 (2022)

    Kemme, Linus; Strnad, Simon; Vollmer, Lukas; Schmidt, Jonas; Lukassen, Laura J.:
    Sensitivity of Wake Modelling Setups.
    In: Journal of Physics: The Science of Making Torque from Wind (Conference Series) 2265, 022007 (2022)

    Krüger, Sonja; Steinfeld, Gerald; Kraft, Martin; Lukassen, Laura J.:
    Validation of a coupled atmospheric-aeroelastic model system applied to wind turbine power and load calculations.
    In: Wind Energy Science 7, 323-344 (2022)

    Final Theses 2022
    Improved Wind Farm Power Predictions by Wake Model Parameter Optimisation.
    In: Master Thesis University Oldenburg (2022)

    Validation and Development of Wind Farm Wake Superposition Models.
    In: Master Thesis University Oldenburg (2022)
  • 2021

    Seifert, Janna K.; Kraft, Martin; Kühn, Martin; Lukassen, Laura J.:
    Correlations of power output fluctuations in an offshore wind farm using high-resolution SCADA data.
    In: Wind Energy Science 6, 997-1014 (2021)

    Centurelli, Gabriele; Vollmer, Lukas; Schmidt, Jonas; Dörenkämper, Martin; Schröder, Maike; Lukassen, Laura J.; Peinke, Joachim:
    Evaluating Global Blockage engineering parametrizations with LES.
    In: J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1934, 012021 (2021)

    Yassin, Khaled; Helms, Arne; Moreno, Daniela; Kassem, Hassan; Höning, Leo; Lukassen, Laura J.:
    Applying a Random Time Mapping to Mann modelled turbulence for the generation of intermittent wind fields.
    In: Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss. [preprint], doi: 10.5194/wes-2021-139, in review (2021)
    Final Theses 2021
    Modeling and Analysis of Turbulent Wind Conditions in Numerical Simulations.
    In: Master Thesis University Oldenburg (2021)
  • 2020

    Doubrawa, Paula; Quon, Eliot W.; Martinez-Tossas, Luis A.; Shaler, Kelsey; Debnath, Mithu; Hamilton, Nicholas; Herges, Thomas G.; Maniaci, Dave C.; Kelley, Christopher L.; Hsieh, Alan S.; Blaylock, Myra L.; van der Laan, Paul; Andersen, Søren Juhl; Krüger, Sonja; Cathelain, Marie; Schlez, Wolfgang; Jonkman, Jason; Branlard, Emmanuel; Steinfeld, Gerald; Schmidt, Sascha; Blondel, Frédéric; Lukassen, Laura J.; Moriarty, Patrick:
    Multimodel validation of single wakes in neutral and stratified atmospheric conditions.
    In: Wind Energy 23: 2027--2055 (2020)

    Final Theses 2020
    Numerical analysis of the global blockage effect of a large wind farm.
    In: Master Thesis University Oldenburg (2020)
  • Before 2020:

    Lukassen, Laura J.; Stevens, Richard J.A.M.; Meneveau, Charles; Wilczek, Michael: Modeling space-time correlations of velocity fluctuations in wind farms.
    In: Wind Energy 21:474-487 (2018)

    Lukassen, Laura J.; Wilczek, Michael:
    Lagrangian Intermittency Based on an Ensemble of Gaussian Velocity Time Series.
    In: Progress in Turbulence VII, Springer Proceedings in Physics 196:23--29 (2017)

    Lukassen, Laura J.; Oberlack, Martin:
    Colored-noise Fokker-Planck equation for the shear-induced self-diffusion process of non-Brownian particles.
    In: Physical Review E 89(5):052145 (2014)
  • Dissertation Thesis
    Lukassen, Laura J.: A colored-noise Fokker-Planck equation for non-Brownian particles in shear-induced diffusion.
    In: Dissertation TU Darmstadt (2015)
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