Software Engineering News

  • Two Paper accepted for International Workshops co-located with MODELS 2018, Copenhagen

    October 2018 The Software Engineering Group presents two papers accepted for International Workshops co-located with the ACM/IEEE 21st International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS) 2018 in Copenhagen:

    • Johannes Meier, Andreas Winter: Model Consistency ensured by Metamodel Integration (GEMOC)
    • Maik Appeldorn, Dilshodbek Kuryazov, Andreas Winter: Delta-driven collaborative modeling (COMMitMDE)

  • 3rd SUMM Construction Workshop: Oldenburg

    11.-12. October 2018

    The series of SUMM Construction Workshops contain presentations of scientific approaches to ensure model consistency using projectional approaches. Base of all these approaches is a Single Underlying Model conforming to a Single Underlying Metamodel. How to create and use such projectional SUMM approaches is different in all approaches. Therefore, this workshops aims to present different approaches, to discuss commonalities and differences, and to agree on common follow-up activities.

    This third workshop is located in Oldenburg and is organized by the Software Engineering Group of the University of Oldenburg, Germany.

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