Energy-Abstraction Layer

Masterarbeit in der Abteilung Softwaretechnik

Energy-efficiency in mobile computing sector is an increasingly interesting topic especially since the growing popularity of smart phones and tablet devices in recent years. There is an increasing importance of smartphones in peoples daily life and business, but in case of software development and engineering energy-efficiency is widely neglected. In Germany every year more then 600 millions kWh of energy are consumed. From this over 10% percent are accounted for information and communication technology. The bulk of this consumption can be assigned to IP-based communication and exceeds the energy consumption of the German aviation sector.
For accounting power and energy consumption on various mobile devices an independent specification is needed. This work aims at developing such a specification and in addition providing results from an extensive research in the field of energy-efficiency and power accounting on mobile computing devices.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter ()
M.Sc. Jan Jelschen ()

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Software Engineering for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has become more important in recent years. This is shown by the development of engery consumption of information and communication technology (10 % of the german energy consumption in 2007). Futhermore battery development cannot keep up with the ubiquitous and powerful mobile devices. Research on hardware and low level software optimizations has been comprehensively explored. But the research on optimizing energy consumption on application level is still in its infancy. So in this project should be improved Energy Efficiency of applications by using reengineering services, like static and dynamic program analysis, and systematic code transformations.


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