Master in Embedded Systems and Micro-Robotics

Der Master of Science-Studiengang "Eingebettete Systeme und Mikrorobotik"

Einschreibung nicht mehr möglich!

Eine Einschreibung in diesen Studiengang ist ab dem Wintersemester 2017/18 nicht mehr möglich. Die Inhalte dieses Studiengangs sind aber auch durch Einschreibung in den Fachmaster-Studiengang Informatik weiterhin studierbar und können dort durch ein zusätzliches Zertifikat "Eingebettete Systeme und Mikrorobotik" vom Department für Informatik bescheinigt werden.

Allgemeine Informationen zum Studiengang

Embedded Systems and Microrobotics - Master's Programme

This degree programme is being discontinued. It is no longer possible to apply for it!

Orientation and Goals

This programme qualifies graduates for a further scientific career in application fields such as semiconductor and materials research, as well as for leading positions in one of many high tech fields, such as air and space travel, telecommunications technology, and automotive technology. With this programme, the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg offers students the opportunity to acquire the skills and abilities needed for such a career.

Study Design and Contents

The master's programme in Embedded Systems and Microrobotics is generally limited to a standard period of study lasting four semesters. Students who do not have a bachelor's degree in computing science with a specialisation in Embedded Systems and Microrobotics can use the first semester to catch up with those who do. The next two semesters include four modules, one from each of the four branches of computing science, and two elective modules chosen from all those offered in the master's programme Embedded Systems and Microrobotics. Additionally, students participate in a project group, in which they gain important group working and project experience in the development of software applications under realistic conditions. The final semester is reserved for the final project/thesis in the area of Embedded Systems and Microrobotics.

Teaching and Learning

Just like in the M.Sc. programme in Computing Science, the contents of the M.Sc. 'Embedded Systems and Microrobotics' can be individually arranged. The programme consists of eleven modules, participation in a project group, and a master's thesis, the topic of which can be chosen from the wide field of embedded systems and microrobotics.

Reasons for Studying

At the University of Oldenburg, students have a unique opportunity to begin a master's programme in Embedded Systems and Microrobotics. The research field 'safety critical embedded systems' at the University of Oldenburg is internationally renowned, distinguishing itself by its high proportion of EU funding and DFG projects. It also has a close connection to business and industry, for example in the areas of transport technology, avionics, and telecommunications technology.

Foreign Language Skills

Admission to a degree programme at the University of Oldenburg is subject to sufficient proficiency in the German language:
  • DSH Level 2 (German language examination for university entrance) or
  • TestDaF Level 4 in all four categories

For further information, please refer to the language requirements

Careers and Areas of Employment

The requirements of the microrobotics sector include prototype technology for complex integrated software and hardware systems, knowledge of the technological aspects of microsystems technology, interdisciplinary approaches, quality awareness, and knowledge as well as mastery of formal methods. The most important sectors in Europe in this category are: air and space travel, telecommunications technology, automotive technology, transport technology, plant construction and engineering.

Find out more about the professional field of Computing Science (in German).

Target Group/Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification in Computing Science, a closely related degree programme, or a Bachelor’s degree and further qualifications which together are equivalent to the Computing Science degree programme.

Application/Admission Procedures

This is an open admissions degree course, and applications are accepted for both the winter and summer semesters.
The application deadline for the winter semester is 30 September.
The application deadline for the summer semester is 31 March.

Academic Counseling for Embedded Systems and Micro-Robotics

Dr. Ute Vogel-Sonnenschein ( FSB Fachstudienberatung Master Informatik )

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Dienstags, 14-15 Uhr unter und nach Vereinbarung; weitere per Stud.IP reservierbare Termine für Studierende

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