At this point you find an overview of all current and former projects our department of Business Information Systems / VLBA is respectively was participating:

Current Projects

  • ASSUR – IntegrAted Studies for Syrian and eUropean univeRsities, Erasmus Mundus Programme
  • CENIT@EA – Centre of Excellence for ICT in East Africa
  • DEMIS – Doctoral Education in EMIS
  • ECOBimos – Ecological bicycle mobility system
  • eCoInnovateIT – Sustainable Consumption of Information and Communication Technology
  • Empower Generations - Create challenging solutions for the energy sector
  • FLIF+forschen@studium
  • NEMo – Sustainable satisfaction of mobility demands in rural regions
  • Phoenix – EU-Erasmus Mundus Projekt Phoenix - Intercultural Exchange For Internationalization
  • POINT – Pratical research on inovative SAP technology
  • PROPOSE.AI – Development of an AI-Service-Platform for E-Commerce
  • TEMPRO – Total Energy Management for Professional Data Centers 
  • TRACE – Processing and analysis of digital traces of market entities
  • YEEES – Yields of Evocative Entrepreneurial approaches on Environment and Society

Completed Projects


  • Environmental Technology Network Oldenburg (UNO)
  • OpenSAGA
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