Driving service / accessible taxi

Disabled access information


There are specially designated disabled parking areas on both Campus Haarentor and Campus Wechloy which are marked on the campus maps.

These parking areas have limited access but an access-pass can be ordered from Mr. Pätzold of Dezernat 4. If you need further assistance with limited mobility parking, for example if you are temporarily limited, please contact the disabled services team.

Overview: Disabled Parking in Oldenburg.

Public Transport

Oldenburg public transport is suitable for wheelchairs on all bus lines.

Timetables and route maps in large print are available from the VWG on request.

Oldenburg Central Station has been remodelled to comply with disability suitability standards and it includes a guiding system for the blind. People with special assistance needs should contact the servicepoint at least two hours in advance (Tel: 0441-9981053).

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