Actors & Subjects

Actors and Subjects

In the projects situated in this thematic cluster, the research focus lies on the individual and collective actors who participate. Who exactly is participating (or is being offered the possibility of participation)?, and what/whose interests and intentions are involved? Which actors are constructed and acknowledged as subjects of participation – and through which/whose authority? How are actors approached as subjects through a rhetoric of (for instance in the debate on migration), how are they positioned as subjects and how do they position themselves in these debates and their corresponding practices? What do actors have to accomplish, how do they have to act and perform in order to be considered as a ‘participating subject’? Can algorithms or robots participate? How do collective actors participate? And what groups of people, movements, and institutions can be identified as actors that were/are involved in the (discursive) establishment (or in the prevention) of ‘cultures of participation’ in different historical and cultural settings in the first place?

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)