Requirements & Conditions

Requirements and Conditions

How is participation legitimized in theory and/or in discourse? Which circumstances allow participation in the production and dispersion of cultural forms of expression and cultural knowledge in the first place? Who decides on an actor’s exclusion from or inclusion in processes of participation? Which notion of sociality, communication and participation should be the basis for the analysis of basic processes of inclusion and exclusion? How can the normative dimension of the term ‘participation’ be specified? Does the modern concept of participation entail the option of not participating? When is participation successful – and when is it not? What prospects are offered by possibilities of participation? Which actual inequalities are de-thematized, trivialized, simply not brought up as an issue or approached pedagogically through concepts of participation? What is the role of (intentional or non-intentional) forms of censure or self-censure in these contexts? Questions like these, that are theoretical in the first place, but also share a particular historical and cultural dimension at the same time, can be at the center of projects situated in this thematic cluster of the program. 

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)