Dr. Ankelien Schippers

Call for papers

This workshop is to be held as part of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE, Bucharest, 24 – 27 August 2022), and acceptance is therefore dependent on the acceptance of the workshop by the SLE. You are asked to send in a non-anonymous, 300-word abstract per email to before 18 November, 2021. You will be notified of your acceptance to be included in the workshop proposal by November 19th, 2021. For further information, please visit the SLE call for workshops.https://societaslinguistica.eu/sle2022/

In addition to empirically grounded work (research on language production and processing, first and second language acquisition, corpus linguistics, etc.), we also welcome (novel) formal explanations for LD subject non/subject asymmetries. Furthermore, since a lot of the research on LD subject/object asymmetries is on larger, well-known languages such as English and French, we particularly welcome research on lesser-known languages and varieties and typologically different languages.

(Changed: 2021-11-13)