Prof. Dr. Barbara Moschner

Prof. Dr. Maja Brückmann

Bui, Phuong Mai

Moseke, Saskia


Digital Transformation in Teacher Education

  9th June 2020 Pre-conference (JURE)
10th - 12th June 2020 Main-conference (SIG 11)
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany

The SIG 11 "Teaching and Teacher Education" of EARLI - the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction - invites researchers to join the 2020 conference in Oldenburg and to present and discuss their recent research. The SIG 11 conference offers a platform for fostering the scientific discourse on current topics of high-quality teacher education research, which is meaningful for practice and may facilitate teacher education in all phases of a professional career.

Call for Papers

  • Call for Papers (pdf) Here you can find the Call for Papers. It includes all information about the proposals for the JURE- and the SIG11-conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all conference related questions. We are looking forward to your participation!


The 2020 conference theme of the EARLI SIG11 is

"Digital Transformation in Teacher Education"

Rapid changes in information and computer technology (ICT) affect learning in schools and universities. Children now have access to ICT early in their life. This experience influences learning and instruction in schools and universities. Teachers need specific knowledge about educational technologies and about an efficient and beneficial implementation into classroom practice. University teachers need to develop didactical methods to enable future teachers to enrich their teaching with ICT. We need to support and educate teachers who can educate the next generation of lawyers, plumbers, doctors, carpenters, and teachers in the best possible way considering the challenges of the digital transformation in almost every aspect of school and university life. To do so requires that we learn more about the impact of digital transformations on teaching and learning in schools and in teacher education programs. Research-based contributions to the conference theme, as well as to other relevant questions of teaching and teacher education are welcome. 
More information can be found at the top of this page. There is the Call for Papers, which includes all relevant information about propopsals for presentations, papers, posters and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all conference related questions.

We are looking forward to your participation and we warmly welcome you to Oldenburg in June 2020!

Submission of Proposals

Submission of proposals can be make NOW! At EARLI SIG11 Conference 2020 we welcome the following submission types:

  • Roundtable
  • Poster
  • Paper
  • Symposium (Poster and Paper)
  • JURE Keynote Challange

For more information about the submission details and e.g. the criteria for the review process, check out our Call for Papers above.

SUBMIT HERE: (via your EARLI Dashboard).

We are looking forward to your participation!

The deadline for submissions is extended: Friday, 28th February 2020 (time zone: CET 23.59).


The registration will start from 3rd of February 2020 onwards.
Early registrations can be made until 20th of April 2020.

More information on conference fees, EARLI membership and our cancellation policy can be found below.
For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email address is:

Conference fees

The conference fee includes registration, a conference booklet, coffee and tea breaks, the evening reception on Wednesday, and lunches on Wednesday and Thursday as well as a lunch packet on Friday.

Conference only (incl. lunches and refreshments, no conference dinner)

Early registration

before 20th of April 2020

Late registration

after 20th of April 2020

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* Join EARLI, become a part of the network before 20th of April 2020 and get a discount (- 20€) on your registration. More information can be found below.

Accommodation, the welcome evening (Tuesday) and the conference dinner (Thursday) are NOT included. Reservations for the welcome evening and the conference dinner can be made during the registration process. Detailed information will follow.

EARLI Membership

Check the website for more information on EARLI membership benefits.

If you are non-JURE (PhD) student and become a EARLI Member before 20th of April 2020, you will get a discount on your early registration for our conference. Them, it will only be 90€ to participate! Please contact us, if you are a new member!

Cancellation policy

Conference registration fee: In case of cancellation before 1st of May 2020 (time zone: CET 23.59) an administration fee of 40% will be charged (meaning that 60% will be refunded). From 1st of May 2020 no refunds will be made. Transferring a registration to a colleague will not be possible. A cancellation has to be done by e-mail through

Conference dinner tickets: In case of cancellation before 1st of May 2020 (time zone CET 23.59) an administration fee of 40% of the conference dinner ticket will be charged (meaning that 60% will be refunded). From 1st of May 2020 no refunds will be made. A cancellation has to be done via e-mail through:

Important Deadlines and Dates

  • 1st of December 2019: Submissions open
  • 3rd of February 2020: Regististrations open
  • 28th of February 2020: Submission deadline
  • 20th of April 2020: Early Bird deadline
  • 9th of June 2020: Pre-conference (JURE)
  • 10th - 12th of June 2020: Main-conference (SIG11)


A JURE member of the SIG 11 will be awarded “Best Paper” and “Best Poster Presentation” during the conference. Furthermore, in order to gather experience as a scholar, a JURE member will get the opportunity to hold one of the three keynotes during the SIG11 conference. The JURE keynote speaker will be selected as follows:

The keynote should be about 45 minutes long (plus 15 minutes for discussion) and focus on the conference theme “Digital Transformation in Teacher Education” and present an innovative study (doctoral thesis or other) in which they participate as researchers. The winner will be invited to present his or her keynote during the conference. Proposals for the JURE keynote, which are not selected but meet the review criteria, will be accepted in a shortened version as paper presentations.

The proposal should consist of:

  • Title and abstract of the keynote (500 words, incl. ref.)
  • 3 keywords
  • A working paper: 1500 words (incl. ref.)
  • A short CV including academic track record
  • A recommendation letter by an expert in the field of teacher education, who is familiar with the candidate, and a member of the EARLI (but not necessarily of SIG11)

Venue, travelling and hotels

About our university

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg was founded in 1973, making it one of
Germany’s young universities. Its goal is to find answers to the major challenges society faces
in the 21st century – through interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research.

The University cooperates closely with more than 200 other universities worldwide and is
also affiliated with non-university institutes in the areas of research, education, culture and
business. The University of Oldenburg is preparing 16,000 students for professional life. It offers a
broad range of disciplines, from language studies, cultural studies and the humanities to
educational sciences, art and musicology, the economic and social sciences, mathematics,
computer science, the natural sciences and the new medicine and health science programmes
established in 2012.

The faculty of educational and social sciences has wide-ranging research interests, one of the
most prominent ones being analysing connections between social inequality and education.
This field is being approached from both, sociological and educational sciences

About the conference venue

The “Kulturzentrum PFL” (PFL Culture Centre) in Oldenburg is a beautiful building with a long and eventful
history. The former Peter Friedrich Ludwig Hospital, which was built in the beginning of the
19th century, is an indispensable part of the Oldenburger cultural landscape. Besides being a lovely venue for various events, concerts, conferences or cabarets, the building accommodates a small library and the “Umwelthaus”, which is a collection of various associations aiming to protect our nature and environment.

For more information, please see:

About the city of Oldenburg

The city of Oldenburg is the cultural and administrative hub of North West Germany. It was
voted Germany’s City of Science in 2009 and hosts the Carl von Ossietzky University, the Jade University of Applied Sciences and dedicated electrical engineering, IT and police training colleges. In spite of its modern orientation, Oldenburg is still very proud of its historical roots and buildings, delightful traditions and warm, friendly charm. With a population of 160,000 and almost 150,000 visitors every year, it is a small, but very
vivid metropolitan region with a wide variety of cultural events. The city of Bremen is only a short train ride away, the North Sea with its beautiful views and fresh air is a great opportunity for day trips, since it is, too, very close by.


By air

Oldenburg does not have its own airport. However, the airport in Bremen (BRE) is very close by and can be reached easily via public transport.

By train

The German railway company (Deutsche Bahn) operates most of the lines in Germany. Even if other companies run certain sections, tickets can usually be bought through the Deutsche Bahn online: or on your smartphone:

Tickets can also be bought on site, however, if you plan to take an IC or ICE, buying tickets up front is advisable. Please be aware, that you book your ticket for Oldenburg(Oldb).

By bus

Taking the bus is, in most cases, the cheapest way to travel within Germany. It just may take a little longer. Busses run for example from Berlin, Munich, Dortmund and Frankfurt and can be booked online through .

Busses in Oldenburg are part of the local public transport. Information on when and where the next bus is running can be found easiest on your phone on either the DB Navigator-App (see link above) or the FahrPlaner App:

Tickets can be bought on site or in either of the Apps.

More information on accommodation will follow soon.


Conference convenor:

  • Barbara Moschner, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Oldenburg

International organizing committee:

  • Inger Marie Dalehefte, University of Agder, convenor SIG 11
  • Hanne Tack, Ghent University, JURE coordinator SIG 11 

Local organizing committee:

  • Maja Brückmann, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Juliane Schlesier, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Phuong Mai Bui, student assistant
  • Saskia Moseke, student assistant
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