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  • Participants visited the Park Links der Weser in Bremen. © Kilian Köbrich

ECOSOLA Summer School

19 students from Tanzania, South Africa and Germany took part in the ECOSOLA Summer School

From 2 to 12 September 2018, the project partners of the research project ECOSOLA, funded by the BMBF and DAAD, came together In Oldenburg to host the “ECSOLA Summer School - African and European Perspectives on Sustainable Urbanisation”. The programme included exciting lectures on urban and sustainable food and farming systems as well as various urban planning approaches from the point of view of different countries. The participants came from the fields of economics, environmental sciences and sustainable development, as well as from agriculture and forestry. This interdisciplinary group provided lively discussions, diverse suggestions and new perspectives.

In addition to active participation in the lectures, the group was also dedicated to practice. Excursions to the Fliegerhorst in Oldenburg and the Park Links der Weser in Bremen provided an insight into sustainable urban development. In particular, the planning approaches and overcoming certain difficulties aroused great interest among the participants. In order to bring together the different experiences of the participants and what they learned already, the participants had the task of spending several days dealing with a case study. First, the groups researched the problems their example city has to struggle with for example due to rapid urbanization. Subsequently, strategies were developed to solve these problems sustainably. The results were presented at a small closing event.

According to the feedback of the participants, the Summerschool was a complete success. Different perspectives of people from different backgrounds have ensured that all participants will continue to work inspired on their own projects back home.

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