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The ECOSOLA project includes also a summer school and additional modules in established study programmes to enrich the educational landscape for young scientists and to provide an academic platform to dive into ECOSOLA’s scientific approach, methods and outcomes. Developed trainings support practitioners of UPA and foster the long-term impact of the project.

Summer School

In September 2018, a summer school has been organised bringing together all ECOSOLA scholars and other PhD students and Master’s students in their final phase. The foucs was on specific concepts and methods as well as on thematic foci of the project. Within 10 days, participants availed of the opportunity to benefit from first research results and conceptual considerations in the project. They also gained insights through peer-learning effects between full-time-scholarship holders and other PhD-students and got access to practice settings and institutions for student-research projects. The goal was to enable participants to include newly acquired knowledge and methods into their PhD work and thereby to enrich the outcomes of the ECOSOLA project.

Further information about the Summer School is provided here.

Practical Project Resilient Cities and Urban Agriculture (UOL)

In the summer term 2018, the module “Resilient cities and urban agriculture” was offered at the University of Oldenburg. Master students with different study backgrounds like Sustainability Economics and Management, Water and Coastal Management, Climate Change and Spatial Planning participated and discussed challenges and conflicts related to urbanization processes in African countries.

Further information about the module is provided here.

Participatory Rural Appraisal course with PHA farmer group in Cape Town

From 12.-16 March 2018, Professor Auerbach from Nelson Mandela University (George Campus, SA) who has long experience with Participatotry Rural Appraisal (PRA) methods in different regional contexts gave a course on PRA in the Philippi Horticultural group in Cape Town.

More information on this course is provided here.

Information on the lectures "Socio-Ecological Implications of Land Use and Climate Change Including Local Management and Governance Options (UDSM)" and "Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture (Stellenbosch)" will be provided soon.

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