Dr. Detlev Heinemann
Institut für Physik - Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany
Phone: +49 441 - 798 5070

Current Projects

Current Projects

Participation in interdisciplinary national and international research and development projects plays an important role in the energy meteorology workgroup. These projects, which are partly coordinated by workgroup members, are mostly funded by public organisations.

Current projects are:


  • ClusterDesign
  • ETESIAN - Extended THETA for Site Assessment
  • iHEM -  intelligent Home Energy Management
  • IUPITER - Interactive Implementation of Weather Predictions for energy-efficient Building Services
  • NEWA - Development of a New European Wind Atlas
  • OWEA-Loads - Probabilistic load description, monitoring and reduction of loads of future offshore wind energy converters
  • PVKlima - Energy Yield from Thin Film Photovoltaic Cells under the Influence of different Climate Impacts
  • Restore 2050 - Renewable Energy Production and Storage in 2050
  • SLP (DBU) - Development of a PV Power Prediction System on different spatio-temporal scales
  • Smart Nord - Smart Grids Northern Germany
  • WIMS-Cluster
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