Former Projects


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Former Projects

Former projects

Participation in interdisciplinary national and international R&D-projects always played an important role in the energy meteorology workgroup. These projects, which were partly coordinated by workgroup members, were mostly funded by public organisations (in the past mainly by the European community).

The following projects have been completed:

  • IEA Task 36
  • MESOR - Management and Exploitation of Solar Resource Knowledge
  • SESK - standardisation of the profit forecast for solar-thermal plants
  • FLINS - photovoltaic benchmarking for North German radiation climate
  • vIEM - virtual Institut for Energy Meteorology
  • WISENT - Knowledge network Energymeteorology
  • ENVISOLAR - Environmental Information Services for Solar Energy Industries
  • HELIOSAT-3 - solar radiation derived by satellite data
  • PV-Sat 2 - Intelligent Performance Check of PV System Operation based on Satellite Data
  • SoDa - Integration and exploitation of networked Solar radiation Databases for environment monitoring
  • Satellight - The European Database of Daylight and Solar Radiation
  • PV-Sat 1
  • OWEA
  • Baltic 1 - Control of offshore-windfarms by regional power forecasting and monitoring of power and load characteristics
  • Parallel-Cluster for CFD
  • Performance Plus - Tools for Enhanced Photovoltaic System Performance
  • CompactWind - Development of advanced turbine and wind farm control for a higher energy yield per area
  • GW Wakes - Analysis of wake losses and wake induced turbulence characteristics of large offshore offshore windfarms by comparison of alpha ventus and Borkum Riffgat
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