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DiGASP - Distribution Grid Analysis and Simulation with Photovoltaics


The project investigates the technical impact of distributed PV power production on low- and medium voltage grids. The main questions to be answered in this task are the following:

  • How much PV can be fed in the power grid at a certain point?
  • What are the restrictions for feeding in PV power, and how can they be mitigated?
  • How does a low- and medium voltage grid change its characteristics by feeding in PV power at certain points?
  • What kind of special effects can be expected in a power grid with high penetration of PV (islanding, low frequency oscillation, over-voltages, ...)?

By modelling the grid with adequate algorithms for PV, these questions shall be answered, and in a second step, be adapted to the distribution grid of ewz Zürich.

Beside this main task, the University of Oldenburg will investigate the meteorological impact on a grid fed by a given amount of distributed PV power stations. The central questions to be answered are the following:

  • What meteorological conditions can be expected for a typical distribution grid area?
  • How does the load of a distribution grid correlate with the PV power generation, due to meteorological influences?
  • How much does PV contribute to the power generation? What capacity factor can be expected?

With these aims Oldenburg University is developing an irradiance generator that gives out statistically realistic synthetic irradiance time series with a high temporal resolution. These time series are used by the partners to perform a Monte Carlo analysis of the grid.

The Project

  • Title: DiGASP - Distribution Grid Analysis and Simulation with Photovoltaics
  • Duration: November 2010 - Dezember 2013
  • Aim of the project: Given the results of this project, a DSO should know the possibilities and limits of its grid concerning distributed feed-in of PV, and have a guideline / method where to place future investments in order to strengthen its grid for PV.
  • The Oldenburg part of the Project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature pretection and Nuclear Safety in the context of the EU PV-ERANET/PV+Grid program.


  • Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, energy meteorology group
  • Basler & Hofmann AG, Forchstrasse 395, CH-8032 Zürich
  • Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich (ewz)
  • AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal Ges.m.b.H
  • ETH Zürich, Power Systems Laboratory, Prof. Dr. G. Andersson


  • Basler & Hofmann AG


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Institut für Physik - Universität Oldenburg
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