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Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Electricity Generation


Click to enlarge! Renewable energy sources and distributed generation will play an important role in the energy supply mix of the future. This requires substantial transformations of the electricity supply grid in the medium to long-term. The current grid is tailored to centralised electricity generation while the future grid infrastructure has to cope with substantial penetrations of distributed electricity generation, e.g. from renewable energies like wind and solar, from fuel cells, combined heat and power systems, etc., which is characterised by an unknown spatial and temporal generation pattern.
Future research has to focus on the analysis and modelling of the influence of fluctuating and decentralised electricity generation on intelligent grid based distribution and its control.


  • Title: Integration of distributed and renewable electricity generation in the grid
  • Duration: 4/2003 - 3/2004
  • The project is an initialisation project for the research area on grid integration. Its aims are to plan, propose and initialise future research projects in close cooperation with the utility EWE AG.

Cooperations and Funding

The project is realized in cooperation with the regional utility EWE AG, Oldenburg, and is funded by the EWE Stiftung

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