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HELIOSAT-3: Solar Irradiance from Satellite Data

Meteosat-8 im Weltraum

(Property: EUMETSAT)


The principle objective of HELIOSAT-3 is to support the solar energy community in its efforts for increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar energy systems and improving the acceptability of renewables.

A successful integration of solar energy into the existing energy structure highly depends on a detailed knowledge of the solar resource. HELIOSAT-3 will supply high-quality solar radiation data gained from the exploitation of existing Earth observation technologies and will take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the new Meteosat-8 (former Meteosat Second Generation) satellites. The expected quality represents a substantial improvement with respect to the available methods and will better match the needs of companies and other customers of the resulting products.


  • Title: Energy-Specific Solar Radiation Data from Meteosat-8: The Heliosat-3 Project
  • Duration: 6/2001 - 5/2004
  • Aim is the development and application of advanced solar irradiance calculation schemes based on Meteosat-8 data.


The consortium combines expertise from both Earth observation and solar energy research in order to exploit synergies between these fields and to realise a new approach for solar resource management.

Project Coordinator:

  • University of Oldenburg, Institute of Physics, Energy and Semiconductor Research Laboratory (EHF)


The project is funded by the European Commission under contract No. ENK5-CT-2000-00332.

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