Dr. Lüder von Bremen
ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research
Institute of Physics - University of Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany

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WindEng: Wind Energy Assessment and Wind Engineering

Duration: 9/2002 to 12/2005

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The aim of the network is to bring together young and experienced researchers to work jointly to improve wind resources assessment methodologies and to to define the basis for the design of wind turbines and wind farms in different environments.

The network focuses on the important objectives in the exploitation of wind energy: to identify how much energy is available, how to design wind farms and the most appropriate wind turbines available for the location and finally to evaluate the time variation of wind energy. Five research areas are covered in the project:

1. Atmospheric turbulence
2. Wind energy assessment in complex terrain
3. Wind modeling
4. Offshore wind energy
5. Power forecast


Currently there are two fellows of the WindEng network employed at the University of Oldenburg:

  • Lorenzo Claveri
  • Jiri Beran

Francesco Durante is fellow at the DEWI and at the same time PhD student at the University of Oldenburg.

WindEng MM5 Workshop

A workshop on the use of MM5 in wind energy applications was held at the University of Oldenburg 24-26 February 2004.

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