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Programmes Master/Bachelor

Master courses Renewable Energy (RE)
Master-/Bachelor courses with elective courses RE

Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy
Master Course Renewable Energy interlinked to the Oldenburg research groups in Energy Meteorology, Wind Turbulence and Wind Energy Systems, Photovoltaics and Storage Technology. This international course, taught in English language has been running for 26 years.

European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC-REMA)
Master Course in Renewable Energy with specialization in Photovoltaics, Wind Energy, Hybrid Systems, Grid Integration, Solar Thermal and Ocean Energy at different European Partner Universities.
Hosted by: Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy

European Wind Energy Master
This Erasmus Mundus Master Course is jointly operated by four European universities, leading in Wind Energy, Offshore research and education: TU Delft, DTU Copenhagen, NTNU Trondheim and Univ. of Oldenburg.,

Engineering Physics - Specialization in Renewable Energy
German/English Bachelor and Master course in applied Physics including basics of Enginieering and 3 different specializations, one of them Renewable Energy.

Physics- Specialization Energy/Renewable Energy
The department of Phyics offers comprehensive modules in the field of Renewable Energy. Furthermore manifold opportunities for Master thesis in that field are given by the Physics research groups and the affiliated institutes. The Bachelor in Physics focuses on Basic Theoretical and Experimantal Physics and offers single elective courses in RE.

Chemistry - Specialisation Energy Conversion and Renewable Fuel
The study programmes BSc and MSc Chemistry form a consecutive programme of 300 CP. During the BSc course, basic experimental and theoretical knowledge is aquired in chemistry and acompanying subjects (mathematics, physics, transferable skill). The course programme in Oldenburg is characterized by broad coverage of electrochemistry as a basis for electrochemical energy conversion, e.g. in fuel cells and batteries, and the inclusion of large-scale industrial processes in the Bachelor studies.

The MSc degree course contains only elective lectures and practicals  that can be taken from all areas of chemistry including energy-saving atom-economical and energy-economical catalytical procedures, in renewable energy carriers, in chemical energy converters and functional materials in energy converters. Non-chemical specialisations from other institutes of the University of Oldenburg, from studies abroad or from partner universities can also be recognised towards the Master's degree (maximum 36 CP). 12 CP are reserved for elective courses in transferable skills which can be used to broaden the portfolio with respect to sustainable economy.

Computer Science - ICT in Energy Economy
A specialization in German language is offered within the Master course Computer Science. The focus of modules addressing RE is on ICT systems for the integration of decentralised electrical power production as well on adaptation capacity on the demand side in future power grids (smart grid).

Sustainability Economics and Management
Interdisciplinary Master course with focus on Environment and Ressource Economy, Sustainability Management and Politics with elective modules in Renewable Energy.

Study module "Energie interdisziplinär" in Teacher Training
More about the concept of Renewable Energy certificates within the teacher training you can find here: energie-bildung  (only in German).

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