Kaustubh Khade


Kaustubh Khade

Kaustubh Khade (Guest Researcher)

The student Kaustubh Kisan Khade - who studies computer sciences - was from May 23rd 2007 till July 14th 2007 a guest researcher and intern at the Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship. His main task was the advising and the supporting of promising internet start-ups in the region of Oldenburg. By doing so he studied and evaluated their technologies and gave recommendations for further development. Moreover, he supported the Endowed Chair and the founders of the chair at the initiation and solicitation of Indian companies. ­


Curriculum Vitae


  • 2005-present : Computer Science and Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
  • 2003-2005 : CBSE 12th with Informatic Practices.

Projects completed :

  • LZW : worked with hardware implementation of the LZW compression on FPGA boards.
  • Languages : Implemented a basic Interpretor based Calculator Language.
  • Virtual Orchestra : Working with 3-d simulations of music in real time.
  • Designing and testing Processors : worked with simulators.

Extra curriculars :

  • English Debating and Literary Club representative and active member.
  • Football.
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