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Biomedical Physics

Biomedical Physics

Biomedical Physics

Modern medicine employs a multitude of sophisticated, physically based techniques both in therapy and diagnostics. Providing at first a basic foundation in anatomy and physiology,  the specialisation ‘Biomedical Physics’ goes on to emphasise on modern methods in medical radiation applications such as  radiotherapy, nuclear medicine or radiology and basics of minimal invasive therapy including micromechanical and laser assisted methods as well as other imaging techniques such as ultrasound, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and optical tomography. Well-established medical engineering physics such as medical electronics, data and image acquisition and processing, radiation biophysics, laboratory diagnostics and biomechanics are also covered.

Combining engineering, scientific and biomedical skills, the graduate is well equipped with urgently needed qualifications for medical research and development. Due to the high level of multidisciplinarity and the impact of physical methods on established and upcoming medical and diagnostic applications, this field has very interesting and broad career opportunities.

Training in the field of medical radiation physics is performed in close cooperation with the Medical Centre for Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine at the Pius- Hospital Oldenburg. Thereby the students are getting in touch with professional physicists from an early stage of their programme and are trained on modern machines such as linear accelerators or latest generation Computer Tomographies right from the beginning.

As another example cardiology, requires processing of extremely weak electro-magnetic signals, sophisticated data analysis, powerful imaging techniques and minimal invasive surgical instrumentation. Ophthalmology employs technical optics, laser based diagnostics and therapy. Fluorescence techniques ensure fast, safe and reliable tissue diagnostics both in vivo and in the laboratory. And neurosurgery uses state-of-the-art imaging stereo tactical operation techniques as well as virtual-reality-aided surgery.

Working group Young Medical Physics of the German Medical Physics Society

The Working group "Young Medical Physics" provides information about jobs and opportunities within the medical physics field.

The information is available in German only:

Der Arbeitskreis "Junge Medizinphysik" (jMP) der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Physik e.V. (DGMP) informiert auf seiner Homepage über den Beruf(-sweg) des Medizinphysikers und bietet die Möglichkeit, Erfahrungsberichte aus dem klinischen Alltag zu lesen, in Kontakt mit anderen jungen MedizinphysikerInnen zu kommen oder an Veranstaltungen der "Jungen Medizinphysik" teilnehmen zu können. Außerdem bietet die DGMP eine Abschlussarbeitenbörse an, dort werden spannende Forschungsprojekte an verschiedenen Instituten vorgestellt, an denen im Rahmen einer Abschlussarbeit mitgearbeitet werden kann.

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