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Further information and FAQ


How are the chances to get admitted?

  • The chances are good, because there is no numerus clausus. The admission requirements can be found in the admission regulations (or in the menu "application")

How is the structure of the study program?

  • There are different types of modules, which include mathematical basics, experimental physics, laboratory courses as well as projects. During those courses the focus is always on application of the learnt material.
  • Further Information about the structure of the study program is provided in the study course diagram

When do the lectures begin?

  • You can find the up-to-date semester times here: KLICK
  • One week before the lectures start, there will be an orientation week for first semester students.

Do I need to be a registered student to write exams, complete my final thesis or similar examinations?

  • Yes, ist is absolutly necessary to be a registered student for any kind of examination!
(Changed: 2020-12-02)