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The specialisation ‘Acoustics’ covers infrasound, audible sound, ultrasound and structure born sound and mechanical vibrations. Topics address digital signal processing, basics of radiation and wave propagation, physical and technical properties of electro-acoustic transducers, numerical calculation of mechanical vibrations, acoustic properties of matter, and evaluation of the impact of sound and vibrations on humans. Subjective perception of sound, physics of the ear, sound design of products, sound environment of transportation means, and noise abatement are fields of research in Oldenburg.

Numerous career opportunities await the graduat  due to the ubiquity and importance of sound and vibrations in engineering and science. Vibration control and monitoring plays an important role in machine design and quality control. Modern structures with lighter and stronger materials are more prone to detrimental vibrations. Car interior sound is designed to optimise customer comfort. Ultrasound is used as a diagnostic tool in medicine, in materials testing and for environmental monitoring.

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)