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Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

The regional, national and global primary power supply in the future will not get along without a big share of renewable energies, besides any ecological or climatical problems. The biggest potential (in theory) as well as the biggest usable potential of the renewable energies have solar radiation and kinetic energy of the atmosphere (that is wind energy). Thus the focus of the renewable energy specialization will be the theoretical basics of converting these energies and respective limits, as well as the discussion of physical and technological concepts of mode of operation, limits and applications.



This working groups are researching in the field of renewable energies in Oldenburg:

There is a cooperation between the research groups and the DLR-Institut für Vernetzte Energiesysteme (institute for connected energy systems), which is settled next to the Campus Wechloy.

Many possibilities for research or further education are given by ForWind, the center of wind energy research by the universities of Oldenburg, Hannover and Bremen.

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