Come and join us at the yearly WEforum in Oldenburg!


Fostering Female Entrepreneurship – only women’s duty?! 

Since October 2014, the team of Germany's first (junior) professorship Female Entrepreneurship focuses in research and lecturing on the characteristics of women entrepreneurship at the University of Oldenburg. The team of professor Birkner places great emphasis on revealing and promoting the potential of Women Entrepreneurship through the lively exchange of science and practice beyond the boundaries of gender.  

With the yearly WEforum in Oldenburg we specifically focus on participants of all genders in research, industry, politics and society. We believe that this particular cooperation of different areas of society is the key to successfully foster Women Entrepreneurship. Considering this, the forum does not only offer a platform for the intensive exchange of ideas but also intends to develop results that will shape the future of Women Entrepreneurship. We would like to invite you to share your personal concerns about Women Entrepreneurship and in this way make it to the common cause of all participants!

(Changed: 2020-01-23)