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Prof. Dr. Michael Sommer 


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Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät IV - Institut für Geschichte
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
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Further institutions

History in Oldenburg

History in Oldenburg

"Oldenburg History Landscape"

History does not take place in the much-cited academic ivory tower, but is anchored directly in society - be it as a media event, as part of the culture of remembrance or as a 'tangible' testimony on the spot. The Institute of History is, therefore, attempting to network with numerous carriers and institutions of history in Oldenburg (s. right column) to present its research in a series of lectures to a wider audience and to maintain history as a vital part of life in Oldenburg.

Talks and Lecture Series

Every semester the Institute offers an interdisciplinary lecture series. This series is part of the Master programme "European History" in the winter term. Moreover, it is open for interested individuals. The current programme you can find on the start page of the Institute.

Historical Quartet

The “Historical Quartet” initiated by the Oldenburg historian Professor Dr. Ernst Hinrichs together with the bookstore Thye, has passed its test with great success in November 2001 and ever since a “Bücherfrühling” takes place, usually twice a year in spring and autumn.The sudden death of Ernst Hinrichs in April 2009 led to an internal reorganization: to the permanent participants still belongs Prof. Dr. em. Heinrich Schmidt, newly added have been Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde and Prof. Dr. Hans Henning Hahn. As a guest an author from a major new release from the historical-political area participates, in addition to this new release two more recent books are presented and discussed. The Historical quartet is organized with much success before a large audience and has become a solid cultural institution in Oldenburg. For more information and current dates are available see here.

Take part in History

The Oldenburg local station oeins anchors regional history in the media, but also allows for all history enthusiasts to become active in the project taking part in history! - The project of oeins in cooperation with the National Museum of Nature and Man, the City Museum, the Oldenburg landscape and could also be implemented with the IfG.

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