The student council is always there to help and advise you with any questions you may have about your studies! You can reach us 24/7 (or longer if necessary) via email or social media.

W2 2-227

Office hours (W2 2-227)

on request

Student Body Meeting (W2 2-227)

Tue, 18:30 (odd calender weeks)

Wed, 17:00 (even calender weeks)

Social Media

Student Body Biology


We are the Biology Student Council and are here to help and advise you! On our website you will find all the important information and tips that will help you with your biology studies, insights into our student council work and how you can become a part of the student council yourself.


Current meeting dates

Our meetings take place in our room W2 2-227.


There are no events in the current view.

You can find us on social media here!

If you need further help or information, we are of course always available by e-mail! Just write to us at:


In order to receive messages from us via Stud.IP, you should register for the event Community-Forum: Fachschaft Biologie. You can find it easily by entering "Fachschaft Biologie" in the Stud.IP search menu.


As a biology student, you are also cordially invited to come to the weekly student body meeting, where we exchange ideas and discuss all kinds of things. You can always find the current meeting dates in the contact field on the left.

Consultation hours
on request

Tue, 18:30 (od weeks)
Wed, 17:00 (even weeks)
in W2 2-227

FS telephone: During our office hours we can also be reached by telephone on 0441-798-3296.

 Post Box: No. 71
"Fachschaft Biologie"
(W4 at the Institute Secretariat)

Student Council Room
W2 2-227


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