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Freie Plätze im Workshop:

"Zeit- und Projektmanagement"

für erfahrene Promovierende und Postdocs am 28.02.-01.03.2019. Weitere Infos hier


Workshop des Familienservice:

„Wissenschaft und Elternschaft erfolgreich meistern“

am 28.02.2019. Weitere Infos hier


English Language Courses for Research Purposes

Today, a strong command of the English language is necessary for many fields of research. You have probably realized that ‘everyday English’ is often not enough when reading scientific journal articles, writing a dissertation or lab report, presenting at conferences or to colleagues, or when giving or listening to lectures. This is when being able to use academic English is necessary.

With the program english+ the Graduate Academy offers a comprehensive program covering all aspects of scientific communication in English language for all early-career researchers of the University of Oldenburg. Besides workshops dealing with the linguistic basis of scientific communication in English, the prorgam also covers topics such as scientific writing and presenting at international conferences. These series of workshops provide targeted lessons on relevant topics, to immediately apply what you have learned in your own projects.

Themes are organized according to the main skill practiced, and then grouped into workshops containing topics generally related to each other. Most are one full day, but some are half days. You may visit all workshops for comprehensive preparation, or just those you find necessary. Read the descriptions and contact Erl2ic paz+yAhlhaybergwhha (ermmicfzicx.ahlberg@0iuni-oldenburg.dw08fwehj2) for more details if you are unsure which are best for you.

Please note that you will get much more from the time spent when you have a project you are currently working on. In most workshops, we will spend time working with your own projects and texts, so please be ready to bring them with you. In some cases, you may be asked to send in sections of text beforehand.

All workshops are offered in English by a native speaker and are targeted mainly at non-native speakers.

Detailed information regarding the workshops and the english writing coaching can be found below:

Academic Language Skills

These language skills modules will help you improve your general awareness and accuracy in chosen topics of grammar and vocabulary, specifically as it relates to academic English.  

english+ workshop 1

  • Academic Language - Grammar review

english+ workshop 2

  • Academic Language - Vocabulary, register and academic tone
  • Academic Language - Typisch `Denglisch´?

Academic Writing Skills

Writing is the most important, yet challenging, skill for many researchers. These workshops will help clarify difficulties at different stages of the writing process, while focusing on clear and concise writing. Remember, it is best if you have some current writing to bring with you. 

english+ workshop 3

  • Academic Writing - Pre-writing, planning and structuring
  • Academic Writing - Reading strategies

english+ workshop 4

  • Academic Writing - Better Sentences and Paragraphs
  • Academic Writing - Paraphrase, Summarize, Synthesize

english+ workshop 5

  • Academic Writing - Writing about graphs, charts, visuals
  • Academic Writing - Writing Abstracts

english+ workshop 6

  • Academic Writing - Editing, self-review, punctuation

Academic Presenting Skills

Presenting in front of groups, large or small, can be difficult. Doing it in English while maintaining an academic tone can be extra challenging. The aim of these workshops is to train you in just that: academic presentations in English, for international audiences. We will practice both how you talk about your research and how you present it visually. As a reminder, for best results in these workshops you should have your own current project or topic to apply the principles to.

english+ workshop 7

  • Academic Presenting - Presentation techniques 1
  • Academic Presenting - Presentation techniques 2
  • Academic Presenting - Presentation techniques 3

english+ workshop 8

  • Academic Presenting - Conference posters and PowerPoint slides

English "Schreib-Sprechstunde"

Moreover, the trainer offers a "Schreib-Sprechstunde". Further information may be found here.

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