English Language Courses
for Research Purposes

Our English courses are currently being revised and updated. New courses will start in the summer semester 2018. Please check our website regularly for an update. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

The Graduate Academy offers a wide program covering all aspects of scientific communication in English language for all early-career researchers of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. Besides a workshop program dealing with the linguistic basis of scientific communication in English, there are offers covering scientific writing, presenting at international conferences and of posters, and oral communication. All workshops are offered in English and targeted mainly at non-native speakers.

Detailed information regarding the workshops and coaching can be found below:

Academic Language Skills

Academic English is different from everyday spoken English. A good command of the English language is required for successfully understanding academic studies, writing research papers, presenting at international conferences or giving a lecture in English. Academic English should be clear, precise and as simple as possible. The modules in Academic Language Skills will provide you with various tools to successfully master academic English and consequently further your studies and research in an international context.

Courses offered:

  • Academic Language Skills I: Practicing General English Grammar and Vocabulary in Academic Contexts, [date: tba]

  • Academic Language Skills II: Developing Professional Usage of Spoken and Written English, [date: tba]

  • Academic Language Skills III: Using English Properly to Communicate at Conferences and in Other Academic Contexts, [date: tba]


Academic Writing

Academic writing in English requires specific knowledge and skills related to the writing process, to structuring an academic text, motivating research questions, and to presenting results and conclusions in a convincing and coherent fashion. Furthermore, a proficient command of the English language including the specific nature of the academic language is necessary in order to become a successful researcher. The modules in Academic Writing offer support in understanding and acquiring these skills with different foci.

Courses offered:

  • Academic Writing I: Writing a Research Paper in English, [date: tba]

  • Academic Writing II: Constructing English Paragraphs and Texts, [date: tba] 

  • Academic Writing III: Developing Academic Sentences in English, [date: tba]

  • Introduction to Academic Writing in English (Compact Course), [date: tba]


Academic Presenting

The aim of the modules in Academic Presenting is to allow you to deliver more effective and professional conference talks and conference posters in English. They will help you improve and develop your presentation skills, strengthen your key messages, and deliver these in a more effective and influential way.

You will be able to:

  • better convince English-speaking audiences
  • deliver your messages with more clarity
  • use more effective language
  • improve your English pronunciation
  • make a greater impact in English

Courses offered:

  • Academic Presenting I: Delivering Effective Conference Talks in English, [date: tba]

  • Academic Presenting II: Preparing and Presenting a Conference Poster in English, [date: tba]

English Coaching

Moreover, the programme offers individual coachings. Further information may be found here.

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