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Getting it Done! How to complete your dissertation - Methods and motivation

Graduiertenakademie + Graduiertenschulen Graduiertenakademie

Most of the content of your dissertation is now clearly defined. Outline and structure are beginning to take shape and the submission deadline is drawing closer. The pertinent question is:

“How can I get the best possible result within the time till my deadline?”

What you need to do now is use the time available to put all the valuable thinking you have done down in writing following rules and regulations. The intensive seminar “Getting it Done!” will provide you with the tools you need to tackle the final stage of your dissertation with as little hassle as possible: We discuss tried and tested methods which you will use to draw up a realistic project schedule bearing in mind that writing always takes more time than you are willing to admit. It is also important for you to keep working continuously until you finally submit the dissertation. To that end, you will learn how to develop strategies which will help you cope with persistent levels of stress and strain.

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Start Time

28. January 2019 – 29. January 2019

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