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OLTECH plenary meeting

OLTECH PhD study programme Neurosensory Science & Systems PhD study programme Interface Science PhD study programme Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity PhD programme Renewable Energy OLTECH+3GO PhD programme Medicine and Health Sciences PhD programme Mathematics and Fundamental Physics

 Topics of the plenary meeting:

  • Information about new developments in the graduate school OLTECH
  • Election of the professors suggested from the faculties for the governing board
  • Election of the post doc representatives suggested from the faculties for the governing board
  • Presentation and election of the PhD representatives suggested for the governing board 
  • Election of the PhD representatives in the admission and examination boards of the PhD study programmes (Neurosensory Science and Systems, Molecular and Nanoscale Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity, Renewable Energy, Mathematics and Fundamental Physics, Medicine and Health Sciences)

Start Time

07. February 2019, 14:00

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