IBD at school

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Utilization phase: The surveys and qualification work have been completed. Publication in preparation

IBD at school

Chronic Disease at School – Patient and Teacher Perspectives by the Example of Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Children and adolescents affected by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) face additional challenges in their lives – also at school.

The reason for the project "CED School" was our observation from the ripi study that parents consider the handling of the disease at school to be particularly problematic. The problem area "CED and school" should therefore be examined more closely. First of all, a survey of students will be conducted. The inclusion of the teachers' perspective is planned as the next step for a comprehensive presentation of the topic. The long-term goal is to develop measures and, if necessary, materials to improve the care situation in this area.

For this reason, surveys were conducted among students with CED and subsequently among teachers. Questionnaire development and both surveys were qualification projects in the context of medical studies (Sarah Adelmann, Marlene Kaufmann).

Cooperation partners are the pediatric gastroenterology of the Klinikum Links der Weser (Bremen, Dr. M. Claßen), the Helios Hospital in Krefeld (Dr. A. Ballauff), formerly the Department of Medical Informatics (Prof. R. Röhrig), and the Institute for Special and Rehabilitation Education of the CvO University Oldenburg (Prof. G. Schulze). We also especially thank the DCCV for providing important contacts and references, as well as all experts who participated in the preparatory interviews.

The student survey has now been completed. The teacher survey was stopped prematurely due to the limited availability of teachers during the pandemic. However, even as it is, the survey is already providing some interesting orienting information. All qualifications were successfully completed. A publication is in preparation.


  • Freckmann M, Seipp A, Laass MW, Koletzko S, Claßen M, Ballauff A, Peplies J, Timmer A. School related experience and performance with inflammatory bowel disease – Results from a cross sectional survey in 675 children and their parents. BMJ Open Gastroenterology 2018;5 doi.org/10.1136/bmjgast-2018-000236

Conference contributions (selection):

  • Timmer A. Versorgung von Kindern mit (seltenen) chronischen Krankheiten. Veranstaltungsreihe: Public Health. Aktuelle Ergebnisse der Versorgungsforschung; Oldenburg; 08.04.2016.
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