IBD & School

Selected Conference Papers

  • Freckmann M, Peplies J, Stark R, Koletzko S, Kaltz B, Maier W, Timmer A. The effect of chronic disease on school performance - a survey in children with inflammatory bowel disease. HEC, München, 28.08.-02.09.2016.
  • Timmer A. Versorgung von Kindern mit (seltenen) chronischen Krankheiten. Veranstaltungsreihe: Public Health. Aktuelle Ergebnisse der Versorgungsforschung; Oldenburg; 08.04.2016.

Principal Investigator:

Sarah Adelmann, Sina Krone (until 2019)

Marlene Kaufmann (Medical Student, from February 2020)

Antje Timmer, Supervisor

Contact Person:

Antje Timmer


None / Division of EaB

Current Status:

Interim Phase (Student Survey completed, Teacher Survey in preparation)


  • Deutsche Crohn- und Colitis Vereinigung - DCCV e.V.
  • Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, Links der Weser, Bremen
  • Institut für Sonder- und Rehapädagogik, Uni OL

IBD & School

Chronic Disease at School - Patient and Teacher Perspectives by the Example of Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Children and adolescents with chronic disease have to master a number of challenges in their lives - including school.

The reason for the project "IBD and School" was our observation from the ripi study that parents considered the handling of the disease at school particularly problematic, more so than the medical management. This Project was therefore set up to collect more information on the school related Situation of children with IBD.

The project is planned in several phases. Following an in depth study of the pertinent literature, various experts, teachers, parents and children with IBD were interviewed to collect additional information on relevant aspects and Problem areas. These form the basis for the development of questionnaires.

Survey 1 was performed in affected children. Survey 2 will evaluate the perspective of teachers.

The long-term goal is the development of measures to improve the situation in this area. The Project is carried out as a qualification project (medical Student Research Project & MD Thesis). Cooperation partners are the Pediatric Gastroenterology of the Klinikum Links der Weser (Bremen, Dr. M. Classen), the Helios Hospital in Krefeld (Dr. A. Ballauff), previously the Department of Medical Informatics (Prof. R. Röhrig) and the Institute for Special Education and Rehabilitation (Prof. G. Schulze).

We also thank the patient organization DCCV for providing important contacts, as well as all the experts who participated in the preparatory interviews. 

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