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Model course of study in human medicine

The modular curriculum of the model study programme in human medicine is characterised in a special way by the interdisciplinary integration of basic knowledge with clinical content. Anatomy, as one of the most important basic subjects in medicine, is taught intensively in the first three years of study. A learning spiral is created through repetition and consolidation, which helps students to understand the essential anatomical and clinical correlations.


The following pages summarise the most important information on the organisation and implementation of teaching in anatomy:


Lecture Anatomy, Embryology and Histology

The lectures on anatomy, embryology and histology are offered as a longitudinal lecture series in the first three years of study. The contents of the lectures are adapted to the module topics and convey the basic knowledge of anatomy and prepare for the practical courses and seminars.

In the first year of study, the focus is on the basic knowledge of anatomy. The clinical topics serve as an "appetiser" for the basic understanding of the body, organs and tissues. The anatomical teaching is structured in such a way that systematic, functional and topographical content is the main focus.

In the second year of study, topics from the first year of study are taken up again and deepened in the sense of a learning spiral. In order to link anatomy with clinical issues, joint courses are held with clinical subjects. In addition, topics in neuroanatomy and sensory organs are taught.

The third year of study is characterised by the overarching clinical subjects of neurology, psychiatry, gynaecology, urology and paediatrics. In anatomy, the main focus is on learning content from the field of neuroanatomy and the female and male reproductive organs. The learning content is partly carried out together with clinicians.

Lecture Anatomy/Radiology

The lecture Anatomy/Radiology is an interdisciplinary lecture series in the 2nd and 3rd year of study. Together with the radiology departments of the Oldenburg Clinic and the Pius Hospital Oldenburg, anatomy is repeated and deepened and linked with radiological-clinical methods and questions. The contents learned are practically applied in radiological-anatomical seminars.

Histology practical course

The microscopic anatomy course takes place in the course room of the new experimental auditorium building, which is equipped with state-of-the-art media technology (interactive whiteboard, Crestron AirMedia system for wireless presentation). All the students' microscopes are equipped with digital cameras and can be connected to a laptop. This makes it possible for students to make live recordings of the preparations and share them with lecturers and fellow students. The virtual microscopy platform Smartzoom is also used in the course and for preparation and follow-up work.

Anatomical-practical seminar

In contrast to many other faculties, the University of Oldenburg is currently unable to offer its own anatomy practical course, as the infrastructure of a wet anatomy is only just being established. In order to give students access to anatomical specimens, the anatomy practicals therefore take place in the anatomy section of the UMCG as part of the cooperation with the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. For this purpose, the students are driven to the University of Groningen several times per semester so that they can complete the anatomy practical there. Since the University of Groningen does not offer medical students a dissection course, the lessons in the anatomy practical course take place on excellently prepared demonstration exhibits and plastinates. To enable medical students in Oldenburg to both deepen and supplement their practical anatomical knowledge, the Oldenburg Department of Anatomy also offers the following additional courses:

  • Pre-clinical elective course "Anatomical Dissection
  • Brain preparation course
  • Virtual dissection room: Enatom
  • Collection of anatomical models

Anatomy seminar with clinical references

The anatomy seminar helps students to repeat and deepen the anatomical material they have learned. The questions and tasks of the seminar are worked on in small groups and discussed together with the lecturer after the completion of the processing phase. In order to link the anatomical knowledge with clinical topics, the students work on selected tasks on clinical-anatomical questions, which they present together.

Radiological-anatomical seminar

From the second year onwards, we conduct the interdisciplinary radiological-anatomical seminar together with specialist colleagues from radiology. By means of imaging radiological procedures (classic X-ray diagnostics, CT, MRT, sonography), which are nowadays an integral part of everyday clinical life, the students once again deal with "normal" anatomy. In addition, basic pathologies that have already been presented in clinical lectures are repeated and deepened using selected radiological images. As in the anatomy seminar, it is again important to us that the students take an active role in this seminar by working independently on the questions posed.

Anatomy in vivo

In addition to the classical anatomy practical course, the course "Anatomy in vivo" (anatomy on the living) is offered in the first semester. This course, which takes place at the clinical training centre of the UMCG in Groningen, is closely linked to the anatomy practical course in terms of content and is led by lecturers from Groningen. The students learn the techniques of basic physical examination by examining each other and can therefore better understand anatomical structures.

Brain Preparation Course

As part of the neuroanatomy practical course, all third-year students get the opportunity to dissect the entire brain. This 1-day course takes place in the anatomy department in Groningen.

Elective subject "Anatomical Dissection

Since Oldenburg students do not have a dissection course as part of the curriculum, the Department of Anatomy offers the pre-clinical elective "Anatomical Dissection". 15 interested second and third year students have the opportunity to dissect themselves here. The full-day practical course lasts one week and takes place in Groningen. This practical course allows the students to put their anatomical knowledge into practice, to deepen it and to adapt it to clinical questions. At the end of the internship, the students present their preparation areas and are graded by anatomists and clinical colleagues.

E-learning platform Smartzoom

The Smartzoom microscopy platform, introduced in 2015, makes it possible to zoom continuously into histological slides, create markers, ask questions of the lecturers, check knowledge with a quiz and share image sections and magnifications with other users. A major advantage is the independence from the conventional light microscopy course, as the digital slides can be accessed with any internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

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