Prof. Dr. R. Pöttgen (University of Münster):
Magnetic measurements
Mößbauer spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. J. Senker (University of Bayreuth):
Solid state NMR

Prof. Dr. C. Wickleder (University of Siegen):
Luminescence and Raman measurements

Prof. Dr. U. Kortz (Jacobs University Bremen):
Pt(III)-containing POM´s

Prof. Dr. J. Christoffers (University of Oldenburg):
Polysulfonic acids

Prof. Dr. T. Klüner (University of Oldenburg):
Quantum chemical calculations

Prof. Dr. Al-Shamery (University of Oldenburg):
Deposition of rare earth oxide layers
Structuring of Noble Metals

(Changed: 2020-01-23)